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2023 has brought along with it some new and exciting kitchen design trends. While there are many new trends for this year, here are a few of the ones that we love and have seen so far in the kitchen spaces we have installed:

  1. Bright colours mixed with wood. There is an increasing trend towards more unexpected cabinetry colours.
  2. Full height backsplashes. We are seeing more of a shift towards using your stone countertop for backsplash as opposed to tiles. Not only does this add drama, but it can be easier to clean.
  3. Double islands. As kitchen renovations are enlarging the kitchen space, homeowners are opting for two islands to allow for more entertaining and gathering space and of course more prep space.
  4. High contrast. There is no doubting that all white kitchens will always be in style but there is a shift towards pops of high contrasting colours.
  5. Natural Stone Countertops. There is an increasing shift towards using natural stone countertops as a central design feature in the kitchen space.
  6. Bolder choices. Many designers are expecting to see more mixing of different styles and the use of stronger colours.
  7. Colourful backsplashes. Homeowners are becoming bolder with their choice of backsplashes by incorporating pops of colour and more geometric shapes.
  8. Designated wet bars. More homeowners are incorporating a designated wet bar area within the kitchen space further reinforcing the entertaining aspect of the kitchen area.

What are your favorite design trends for 2023 thus far?

2023 countertop trends

What is 2023 bringing our way in the design world?

2023 is bringing some colour back! Natural toned floors, bold backsplash tiles, brighter paint colours and increasing requests for granite countertops. We are excited to see what the rest of 2023 brings to the design world.

2023 countertop trends
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