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Waterfall Granite Countertops From Regent Stone

Today’s kitchens are designed with both functionality and aesthetic in mind. Many modern design trends have risen that incorporate both of these principles, and waterfall counters are one of the most currently popular examples of this. The team at Regent Stone are skilled and experienced in creating stunning custom waterfall granite countertops.

What is a Waterfall Countertop?

A waterfall countertop features a seamless slab of counter material that extends across the top of a counter and vertically down the sides to the floor, creating a “waterfall” effect. This visually striking design feature joins cabinet design with flooring and transforms cabinetry into stunning focal points.

Because visual appeal is the main point of waterfall countertops, they’re typically created with high-end natural materials like granite, quartz, or marble. Waterfall designs are most often used for island counters, though the style can also be effective for any open-end kitchen cabinetry, or even bathroom fixtures such as vanities.

The Benefits of Waterfall Granite Countertops

Waterfall granite counters are beneficial to modern kitchens in a number of ways. The list of benefits includes:

- Aesthetically Appealing Countertops

The visual appearance of granite waterfall countertops is the greatest contributor to this kitchen style’s surge in popularity. Natural, polished granite forms beautiful kitchen surfaces with luxury appeal, and the waterfall counter style enhances this unique aesthetic by extending the surfaces.

- Stylish Concealment

Waterfall countertops serve an additional aesthetic purpose by hiding appliances from plain view, which gives your kitchen a clean, striking minimalist look.

- Durability

Granite is an incredibly strong natural material by itself. When used for countertops, sealed and polished granite easily resists scuffs, cracks, and chips. The granite waterfall style provides additional protection for your core cabinets by covering the ends, which are the area’s most vulnerable to damage.

- Variety

Granite counters are available in a wide variety of colours and styles, ensuring that your custom waterfall countertops will complement the existing features and colour schemes in your kitchen.

- Ease of Cleaning

Granite counters are among the easiest kitchen surfaces to clean. Granite countertops are smooth and stain-resistant — simply wipe them down to restore their gleaming appearance. A professionally sealed granite countertop will help to keep your countertops easy to maintain and keep clean for an extended period of time.

Custom Granite Countertops in London, Ontario

If you’re interested in having waterfall granite countertops installed in your kitchen, it’s crucial to work with an experienced granite installer in order to get that beautiful, seamless look. Contact Regent Stone today to learn more about our custom granite installations, or to get a personalized estimate for your home.

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