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River Bordeaux granite, sometimes called Netuno Bordeaux, and Neptuno Bordeaux is quarried from a quarry located in Minas Gerais, Brazil.This granite is a blend of warm creamy golds as well as cooler neutrals like gray and black. You can take this classic coloured stone and design a cool and contemporary kitchen or a warm and elegant one. Netuno Bordeaux granite is a stone that looks as complex as it sounds. Its loud wavy patterns are mesmerising to look at. When viewed from afar Netuno Bordeaux is an overall cream / grey color. Even from a distance the overall appearance of the stone is far from uniform and its complex patterns are easily visible.

As you get closer to the stone this granite really comes to life and a variety of colors present themselves.

Pinterest is a great source of kitchen design inspiration, and offers visual representations of what a Netuno Bordeau kitchen might look like. It is a great place to start on your kitchen design journey.

netuno bordeau countertop netuno bordeau excavation

(Photo Credit: Stone Contact)

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